Friday, January 16, 2009

Xanadu rolls across the country

Following a special engagement at the La Jolla Playhouse, the national tour of the Tony-nominated Broadway musical Xanadu officially kicks off tonight in Chicago before heading across the country...soon to a theater near you perhaps.

Playbill has some details here.

An Arts Czar for the U.S.?

The idea of a Cabinet-level official for the arts has gotten some buzz lately. A current petition is being circulated in support of the idea and has generated over 100,000 signatures to date. Many other countries have ministers of culture. High-profile artists such as Quincy Jones think it's necessary in the U.S., but not everyone agrees.

Listen to a story from NPR's Morning Edition or read about it in the Washington Post.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blue Note 7 Mosaic on sale now

If you can't wait until January 24 and 25 (when you can check out the Blue Note 7 live in Samueli Theater), you can get the new release of Mosaic now.

The release commemorates the legendary record label's 70th anniversary. You can listen to sample tracks here.

Debuts at New York City Ballet show great promise

The new season at New York City Ballet is offering many opportunities for its dancers to debut new roles. These performances are, once again, demonstrating the tremendous talent that runs throughout this great ballet company. Read the review in the New York Times

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blue Note Records at 70 on National Public Radio

Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan discussed the history and legacy of the Blue Note Record label with record producer Michael Cuscuna, Blue Note CEO Bruce Lundvall and pianist Bill Charlap, who records for Blue Note. Charlap also heads the Blue Note 7 who make their way to Samueli Theater as part of the 70th Anniversary Celebration.

Check out the story at NPR
Listen to "Idle Moments" from Mosaic: A Celebration of Blue Note Records

Learn more about the upcoming Center performances here