Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taylor Hicks to Perform on American Idol

Taylor Hicks is going back to the show where it all started - American Idol. AI's season five champ will be a guest on Wednesday (April 29) night's program. Hicks will perform his song, "Seven Mile Breakdown" from his latest album.

Hicks will go from Idol to Angel when he appears at the Center in the touring production of Grease which runs April 28 - May 10. In Grease, Hicks plays the role of Teen Angel. He made his debut in the role last summer. Hicks said Grease is "such a great opportunity to visit old fans and new fans across the country while bringing them a great Broadway show!”

*Hicks will not appear in the April 29 performance of Grease due to his American Idol engagement.

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