Monday, April 2, 2012

Meeting Misty

Two groups of young dance students and fans saw Misty Copeland star in Firebird on Sunday, April 1 . Immediately following the matinee, more than 200 young people representing Lauridsen Ballet Centre in Torrance and its affiliated South Bay Ballet, where Copeland studied as a teenager, and Music Untold, based in Long Beach, met Misty in Segerstrom Hall for a special private meet-and-greet. Music Untold is a multi-disciplinary organization devoted to presenting arts and educational programs that promote diversity and human dignity. Copeland answered questions and spent more than an hour signing autographs.

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pia said...

We were a part of that lucky group and feel so privileged to have gotten to spend those special moments watching my daughter (an aspiring "Misty") watch *her* inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent & time with the kids.