Monday, May 14, 2012

Teach – Think – Learn Together

This past April, Segerstrom Center and its Arts Teach artist Backhaus Dance collaborated with Think Together for a dance program at Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana. It was the Center’s second opportunity to work with Think Together, one of California’s leading providers of after-school activities on campuses and community centers. Villa Fundamental Intermediate wanted a dance program that would enhance their own program, and Backhaus is one of Orange County’s leading dance companies with its own school. It became an ideal combination of the Center’s education and community connections, Think Together’s program and Backhaus’ unique specialty and resources.

Backhaus performed one assembly, followed by eight workshops. Students learned important body movements to enhance coordination and flexibility, which then serve them as they learn choreography and, even, sports. The participants learned basic choreography and how to express themselves through movement and to make specific choices that illustrate concepts, stories and emotions.
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