Monday, February 4, 2013


Nothing inspires dreamers more than meeting those who are living theirs. Ms. Rubin’s drama class at Los Amigos High School in Fountain Valley met a number of performers from the Broadway show War Horse who were living their dreams at Segerstrom Center the past two weeks. On Friday, February 1, the class attended a performance and met several cast members afterwards in Founders Hall. The aspiring young actors had the opportunity to quiz their new mentors about the show and their careers. 

Founders Hall is a “black box” rehearsal space – a traditional room in all theaters where rehearsals usually take place. As Ms. Rubin commented, “For them, this is the first time they’ve actually been in a black box – now they know they really exist and what they look like!” If luck holds, some of her students may end up spending a lot of time in similar rooms during the course of their careers.
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