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Guest Blogger: John Neumeier of Hamburg Ballet

“The real dance is a spontaneous body movement that is in harmony 
with the beats of the music in your heart.”  
  Toba Beta  
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April 26 – May 5 
Join us during National Dance Week for a special posting in Center Scene by a noted artistic director, choreographer or expert. 

John Neumeier choreographing © Holger Badekow

John Neumeier
© Steven Haberland
By John Neumeier
Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer, Hamburg Ballet

My world is dance. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to dance – even before I actually knew what it was! Almost from the beginning, I wanted not only to dance myself, but to create dances – to tell wordless stories using movement. It is our nature to be in movement. Even while standing still, our heart must pump, the blood constantly flows, and our breath rises and falls. Movement is the very sign we are alive. 

But, what has always interested me most are those special movements, guided by feelings, inspired by emotions which can give shape to our dreams, desires, and longings–movements which move us. It is my wish in choreography to translate our most intimate experiences, our aspirations, and deepest sorrows into moving images of beauty. 

Dance is the centre of my life–just as the human being is always at the center of dance. "Man" is its subject and, at the same time, its instrument. This instrument – the body – needs "tuning", needs a technique to make it articulate. The choreographer uses this well tuned articulate body instrument to shape his dreams.

Silvia Azzoni and Alexandre Riabko in Neumeier's The Little Mermaid © Chris Emerick

I feel privileged in my world. Although it is one of extreme hard work, concentration, dedication, unconditional commitment, and, of course, some disappointments – the world of dance never was a burden nor do I feel demanded sacrifice from me. Dance is a labour of love. Each day I’m reminded of Gustav Mahler’s title for the last movement of his Third Symphony: "What Love Tells Me". 

The history of dance has always been alive for me – and the memories of legendary figures whose steps have moved us to where we stand today have influenced my own work. One figure particularly stands out before all others – the dancer, choreographer and man Vaslav Nijinsky. He has fired my imagination, moved me deeply, and inspired my ballet Nijinsky

Movement for me signifies life. The language of feelings is universal, and maybe most immediate when we experience them through dance. I am very looking forward to coming back to Costa Mesa and share another ballet, Liliom, with you.  

Carsten Jung and Alina Cojocaru in Neumeier's Lilliom © Holger Badekow
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