Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catch Jerry Mitchell's Tony Award-Winning Dance Moves

The CATCH ME IF YOU CAN tour company. © Carol Rosegg

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN follows the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. who became one of the foremost forgers and scam artists in the world between the ages of 16 and 21. In 2002, his fascinating life story inspired the creation of Steven Spielberg’s feature film, but those who have only seen the movie are in for a surprise. The musical takes on a whole new angle and characterizes it as a television spectacular, paying tribute to the golden days of television. 

Part of the vision was constructed by choreographer Jerry Mitchell, who recently won the 2013 Tony Award® for Best Choreography with Kinky Boots. For Mitchell, a self-described “fan of the ’60s,” the opportunity to choreograph some sexy numbers in the style of that decade was irresistible. “To me, great choreography is about nailing the period and telling the story and making it exciting,” he says. “But I don’t just research the dances of the period; I research the period in general. In this case, I read Frank’s autobiography, and watched a video in which he gives a 45-minute talk about his life. I also got a lot of visual stimulation from our set designer, David Rockwell, who does these inspirational boards." 

He was also influenced by many 1960s television shows. “The opening number, ‘Live in Living Color,’ hearkens back to the Mitzi Gaynor specials that had big, splashy opening numbers,” says Mitchell. “There’s a number in the second act called ‘Doctor’s Orders’ that’s sort of one part 'Laugh-In' and one part Dean Martin’s dance troupe. And another big number was inspired by 'The Mitch Miller Show.'” 

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN flies into Segerstrom Hall from June 25 – 30. Catch it while you can and learn more about the show in our online Revue magazine at

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