Thursday, November 20, 2008

ArtsConnect Kids Score Big

Great news has been reported from three schools that are part of the Center’s ArtsConnect program. ArtsConnect is a long-term partnership with five elementary schools in Orange County and two in San Bernardino. The program helps teachers to integrate the arts into core curriculum - such as relating music to history or math, dance to cultural traditions, etc. It's all about the big picture. The reports indicate that test scores from these three schools show a positive improvement on academic achievement.

Taft Elementary School, Santa Ana Unified School District
Scores were the highest in the district for 2008 and increased over 20 points from 2007.

Sonora Elementary School, Newport-Mesa Unified School District
Test scores for grades 3 & 4 were the highest in Orange County for 2007.

Palm Avenue Elementary School, San Bernardino City Unified School District
Test scores increased 20 points in 2007, when it became first elementary school in the district to exceed the state target on the Academic Performance Index (API). The school’s 2008 score reflected an additional growth of 18 points.

Congratulations to all schools, teachers and students!

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