Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Candlelight is all about WOW.

It's still two weeks away, but work is fast and furious on one of the biggest fundraisers in Orange County - the Center's 35th Annual Candlelight Concert. It's so big that it actually spans two nights - Candlelight Concert (December 5) and the aptly named Candlelight Encore (December 6). The look and Wow Factor are always kept top secret, but this much is known: Diana Ross performs on the stage of Segerstrom Hall for Candlelight Concert - looking out to 500 guests in evening dress. But the 1000 seats of the orchestra level will be covered with four specially built terraces that will accomodate tables and dance floors - yes - there's enough room between the tables to stand up and let go right there. Amazing projections, massive chandeliers, towering topiary centerpieces, mirrored tabletops, sparkling dinnerware -- with walls draped in shimmering gold. Think lots of red, gold and silver.

Candlelight Encore mirrors the Concert glitz and style for cocktails and dinner in Samueli Theater. Afterwards, guests adjourn to the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall to hear Broadway legend Barbara Cook and opera superstar Debbie Voigt perform together for the first time. And if you haven't been to the Renée and Henry, you're in for a visual treasure and music and voices that - well, frankly, take a deep breath, because it will take your breath away. We'll update you as work progresses.

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The Lagunan said...

Omigod! I'M all about WOW too! I'll be sure to get my tickets right away! It happened so suddenly and it makes me so depressed -- the ushering out of Wow and the introduction of our new dreary, putty-colored, sackcloth-and-ashes times. I do desperately want to see Her Rossness in all her glory, in a sparkling backdrop of red-gold-silver! Oh, to have my breath taken away! Thank you, Center, for this one last gasp of glory!