Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rave Review for Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy

What did guest blogger, Jacob Matsumiya think of the new live theatrical adventure Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy? Read his review of opening night below. Did you see the show (tickets are still available through February 21)? Tell us what you think.

Jacob says::
Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy is an exciting and deeply entertaining night of color, spectacle, music and fun. Not to be confused with Cirque de Soleil, Cirque Dreams is its on brand of family-friendly fun, yet it is just as exciting as any Cirque show I have seen in Vegas. Making it more family-friendly is the fact that tickets are priced at $20-$60; about half as much as a Cirque de Soleil show would generally cost. It makes for a perfect treat for a family with young children looking for a reasonably priced, out-of-the-ordinary night of theater.

As soon as you enter the theater you are transported to another world – a jungle of bright colors and strange animals. Leading you through your journey is an “audience member” turned Adventurer (Marcello Balestracci) who is every bit as talented and flexible as any of the creatures who inhabit this jungle fantasy. As the Adventurer explores this magical world you are greeted by an exciting assortment of acrobatic creatures – from “lizards” that contort in a way that you never thought humanly possible to “spiders” that perform amazing feats of aerial stunts and “emus” that do the tango, this jungle is truly a fantasy world come to life. Complementing each spectacle is a beautiful techno infused score by Jill Winters and enchanting songs performed pitch perfectly by Mother Nature (Amanda Restivo).

My favorite performance of the evening, and one that left my sister blabbing on the car ride home, was a sequence entitled “Jungle-ibrium,” which entailed two talented – and highly skilled – performers balancing on a plank set atop five paint cans turned on their sides (pictured). I am still astounded that they were able to keep their balance. They were always inches from crashing to the floor, which, of course, only added to the excitement.

Although Cirque Dreams may not be as well known as its bigger cousin Cirque de Soleil, it no doubt deserves to be. With its combination of beautiful music, skilled performers, family-friendly content and reasonable prices, this is a not-to-miss jungle fantasy. I only hope that Cirque’s new touring show, Cirque Dreams Illumination – currently under development – will visit the Center once it begins its national tour. I cannot wait to get lost in another fantasy complements of the talented folks of Cirque Dreams.

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