Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Author Who Inspired 'Fiddler on the Roof' Featured on NPR

"Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor. "
- Sholem Aleichem

Everyone knows Tevye, the iconic dairyman and father of five daughters, at the center of the much-loved 1964 Broadway classic Fiddler on the Roof. But you may not know Sholem Rabinovich - known by his pen name Sholem Aleichem ("peace be with you") - the author and humorist who's many works inspired the musical.

Rabinovich spent the latter half of the 19th century promoting Yiddish writers and was the first author to write children's books in Yiddish. Yesterday marked the 150th anniversary of his birth, and NPR commemorated Rabinovich - dubbed the Jewish Mark Twain - with a segment on "All Things Considered."

Check it out here.

That's Chaim Topol (above), who played the original Tevye on Broadway and also starred in the 1971 film. Topol returns to the Center to reprise the role in Fiddler on the Roof, running August 11 - 23.

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