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In celebration of August being Family Fun Month, the Center is delighted to share stories by some of Orange County’s favorite family bloggers. 

By Lisa Birle of Locale Magazine

Ta'Rea Campbell, Florrie Bagel and Lael van Keuren in Sister Act
August can sometimes seem like an awkward buffer month—where you’re still basking in the carefree, fun days of summertime, but scarves and school supplies are back in stores reminding you that the fall season is right around the corner. How do you seize the fleeting summer days with your family before the routines and schedules of the school year hit? Be intentional with your family's time by scheduling activities for every day of the week. My suggestions are themed from Sister Act, which I had the pleasure of seeing this week and runs through August 18th at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. A night out at Segerstrom Center is a great way to spend an evening with your entire family. 

Break down your family activities by creating a theme for each day, like this: 

Make It Monday—Sister Act's heroine, Deloris Van Cartier, would approve of upcycling an old denim jacket with fabulous rhinestones, crafting heavenly halos with wire garland and headbands, or making homemade purple colored foam dough to match Deloris's favorite thigh-high boots! Check out craft ideas on Pinterest—the ultimate resource for finding fun family crafts to do together with your family. 

Time to Read Tuesday—Take your kids to the local library each week. It may seem quiet as a convent, but you’ll be surprised how quickly your kids will lose themselves within the bookshelves as their value of learning grows and they begin to enjoy the habit of reading. When your kids have a question during the week, encourage them to find a book about it at the library. 

Ta'Rea Campbell, Alysha Deslorieux and Trisha Jeffrey in Sister Act
What's Cooking Wednesday—Plan a meal together, from the grocery list to the feast. Put on the Sister Act soundtrack and raise your voice as you work together in the kitchen and clean up afterwards. My favorite meal? Breakfast for dinner in my pajamas. Bacon, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes are just divine! 

Thankful Thursday—Mother Superior would certainly approve of giving thanks through acts of service and praising others. Teach your kids how to write and mail a thank-you note to their coach, clean the neighbor's yard, or bake cookies for a friend. These activities will help them learn to express their gratitude through words and actions. Deloris would agree it's best to spread the love around! 

Family Fun Friday—Enjoy the outdoors while the weather is still warm—head to the park, beach, or water park. Go on a bike ride or have a picnic. In the evening, enjoy a night out at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Sister Act is a funny and heartfelt production about the importance of sisterhood and family. Make sure your family doesn't miss it as you seize the last moments of summer to create some great family memories together!

The cast of Sister Act.

All photos by Joan Marcus.

Keep the family fun going in September when ANYTHING GOES sails to Segerstrom Center!

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