Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nearly 15,000 Attended Movie Mondays 2013

Meet-Up at Movie Mondays
Setting a new Movie Monday box office record, nearly 15,000 gathered this summer to watch award-winning film musicals on the Center’s Arts Plaza. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita closed the 2012  2013 series (However, if you missed the screening or would like to enjoy Evita live on stage, the critically acclaimed Broadway revival opens the Center’s 2013 – 2014 Broadway Series on December 10.). These family-friendly evenings, co-presented with the Newport Beach Film Festival, welcomes creative al fresco picnic dinners, Meet-Ups, family celebrations and creative costumes. 

President Terry Dwyer and Doug McKay from Macy's
Volunteers participated in the highly anticipated contests and trivia trials as the sun set. Capping the evening, Doug McKay, Macy’s Operations Manager and District Grant Operations Manager, presented Center President Terry Dwyer with a check in the amount of $25,000 to underwrite the screenings of Mulan and Evita

Valerie Randall, Lori Shapiro, Denise Shue and Bill McKee
Suggestions are being taken for next summer’s line-up of film musicals. Send your nominations to

Elizabeth, MacKenzie, Michael and Tomai of Orange

On far right, Max.
All photos by Joesan Diche.

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